25 Replies to “Hearts vs Tottenham (0-5) All Goals & Highlights HD Europa League 18/08/11”

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  2. thats not something you should be proud of. You should be proud if tottenham had 8 players from their own academies like barcelona does. just saying

  3. English football teams have no home talent, they simply throw money at foreign players to play for them so they can earn more money. Football is no longer a sports, it’s just a business for overpaid yobs like Wayne Rooney who is actually a retard with no talents other than being able to kick a ball. Which my gran can do, even though she lost her in a fridge related accident. Someone dropped a fridge on her legs.

  4. Didn’t we beat Wales last time? The lisbon lions and all of the SPL’s success came when it HAD money, when Rangers could attract the top English players to the SPL and of different nationalities like Gattuso, and De Boer etc.SPL is very poor now but it will improve with theplans for the SPL. The Welsh players do well because they play in the EPL, where they are exposed to better pitches and players, more Scots in it now is why we are improving as a national side.

  5. Their leagues are tiny and attract no quality import players! I admire your optimism but seriously Scottish football is fucked. You don’t have a single world class player. Or anyone close. You have to go back to the days of Dalglish and Souness for that. Where are the Glaswegians that used to emerge from the slums – where are your Lisbon Lions? Where’s your Rooney? Where’s your Bale? Even the Welsh are outstripping you? Where’s your Roy Keane? Where’s your Denis Law? It’s bleak. .

  6. Actually the SPL has more European club trophies then the Danish and Croatian leagues so it has done better. While our national team is poor it is heading in the right direction, it could of been in Euro 2012 but we were cheated by the Czechs. Technically as well we are nationally more successful then Croatia as we have won an under 21’s European competition unlike Croatia. So while we are very inconsistent the SPL is better then them and our team is getting better.

  7. Scotland is currently ranked by FIFA behind Armenia and Iran. After nearly 150 years of football (so thats a seventy year start on some countries) your record in international competition is appalling. Similar sized countries have done far better, such as Denmark and Croatia.

  8. Actually when you compare the SPL to other european countries outside of the top 5 we are not that bad… Besides SPL clubs have done well in Europe over the last decade with decreasing amount of money to spend.

  9. It is a shame for Hearts, they did not deserve this embarrising defeat.
    Our problem is that we do not get enough money to compete with top clubs anymore and it makes the SPL look like shit 🙁

    We still are better then a lot of the European leagues when you think about it though.

  10. No celtic have more scottish players in their squad than tottenham do english.

  11. we showed far to much respect towards the players, we were to scared to get a tackle in and don’t get me started with kello we may as well of had a open goal throughout out the game.

  12. You could not make it out the Europa league.How bad is that,with those players.And the money your squads worth.Redknapp should shut up about Liverpool.Kenny Dalglish has won the EPL.Twitchy has never won it,and never will.Great to see the smug git knocked out,and put in his place.This is what happens,when you run your big mouths off.Good on the Greeks,for taking the three points tonight.Birmingham bit the dust to tonight.EPL clubs are not doing to well there this year are they? LOL

  13. @FootballFilmsHQ I cannot place vids of Europe league, how can you do that?? please

  14. Man city??? dude man city have won nothing for half a century and until this season, they hadn’t beaten us in 18 league games or something along those lines.
    I really don’t think their the benchmark yet.

  15. ok Tottenham beat Hearts more but we had 2nd team out vs shamrock we had full team v Hearts thats y

  16. Hearts got beat worse than Shamrock Rovers LOL

    Irish football > Scottish football

  17. Scottish football is amongst the worst in the world. It’s like the players are all disabled or something.

  18. LOL at the type of goals we scored……Huns of Midlothian made us look like Man City……

    SPL without Celtic/Rangers = League one standard at best…..

  19. huge future and i wish him the best of luck! check out my compilation of this game 🙂

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