23 Replies to “Gareth Bale vs Internazionale 2010”

  1. @LeonR95 Not in the metagame, but on FUT he’s an 84 overall pace I believe. He just leaves everyone in his dust with his acceleration. I have a Malouda, but that’s for the 1 game in 5 where Bale is down below 90 fitness lol

  2. He was unstoppable that night! He made then the worlds supposedly best full back at the time look like a idiot

  3. barca want him n if dey get him i think dey would use him as a LB witch he has played b 4 n it would b like havin 2 dani alves is wat guardiola is lookin 4 but bale is way faster n has more goal,bale is like dat fifa 11 player u create wit 99 speed ,i remember wen i played fifa 07 in my maneger career i had barcelona n i got him in da transfer n his overall was like 91 as a left back at dat time i had no idea who he was lol…maicon was sleeping on bale in those games wind up having nightmares

  4. Bale = god pliiiiiiiiis go to the barsaaaaa! plis plis
    Bale= dios po favor al barsaaaa por favorrrr

  5. Stop comparing Nani to Ronaldo, just because he’s portugese doesn’t mean he’s copying him, cunt. He’s better in his own way and style.

  6. You all know miyaichi from feyenoord miyaichi isnt that good as bale YET! ryo miyaichi from feyenoord age:18 Special: Fast.

  7. im not sure how u can say that when nani is scoring in nearly every game for man utd, and atm bale isn’t

  8. thats class lol nani is absolute shit bale makes him look like an academy starlet

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