17 Replies to “Alejandro Grimaldo, next Gareth Bale?”

  1. @N0ddyHD Great would love to see Bale in a Barca shirt – think he would have been a better signing than Alexis. Not sure quite why my comment deserves to be assigned asshole status. Barca are also linked with pretty much any decent player and they have been linked with Bale before. Lets see if they have the pasta to tempt Spurs to sell.

  2. Its funny how barcelona fans critisise arsenal, when they steal al the youth talents in spain.

  3. Cuantas tonterias hay que ver y oir!!!! Saben cuantos Grimaldos con 15 años vi que no llegaron a nada? Lo mejor la cancion Bale esta en otra dimension es una realidad lo otro es una paja mental

  4. Play in the same position and use the same leg? In which case I can also be compared to them both!

    Maybe this explains why Barca are not interested in buying Bale. Time will tell if Grimaldo will grow up to be what his potential suggests. He has pace, excellent ball control but perhaps lacks a little in his delivery (from these videos). To play for Barca he will also have to have an excellent shot or be good defensively – two things Bale has – to fit into the 3-3-4 formation.

  5. Can someone tell me whose song is this and from which album? Sorry for my ignorance 😛

  6. There’s a good chance that Grimaldo will go on to be better than Bale. He’s only 15 and already playing against grown men in the Segunda (2nd) division. Incredible. 

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