The Tottenham midfielder Gareth Bale was recently booked for the fourth time this season for diving. The Welsh winger and the Liverpool striker Luiz Suarez have been the most scrutinised when it comes to driving this season, but the Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers thinks that his player has been affected more often than not.

Bale will be coming up against Liverpool during the weekend. He received the yellow card for simulation in the 3-0 win over Inter Milan in the midweek Europa league action. Suarez is not too far behind Bale when it comes to getting bookings for diving.

The Uruguayan striker is currently top of the Premier league goal scorers list. He is finally starting to show his form that persuaded Liverpool to pay £ 25 million for his services. Rodgers has said that the media are scrutinising Suarez more than Bale, which is the reason for him defending the Uruguay striker. He has also said that Suarez has been second to none in terms of ability this season.

One of the main reasons for Suarez being criticised is because he is a foreign player, while Bale is British according to Rodgers. Rodgers has expressed his confidence that he will be able to partner with the January signing Daniel Sturridge along with Suarez when his team take on Tottenham. The latest sports betting odds have Liverpool as slim favourites to win at Anfield, but we all know that anything can happen here!

“It [Bale’s booking] wasn’t even mentioned today. I know if that had been Luis I would have been sat there answering questions on it for about half an hour. That’s why I defend Luis. If players or people are judging him on his football then he’s been consistently the best player right the way through the season. We hope we are judging him by his qualities on the field and those have been in evidence. Luis has tried to change but because he is a foreign player he gets labelled more,” said Rodgers.