17 Replies to “Gareth Bale – Welsh Wizard”

  1. Tottenham have the best midfield in the Premier League, they outdo Man City and Chelsea, and easily better than Man United.

  2. like that using lost prophets song cus there welsh aswell 5 points for me haha

  3. What a shame that is.. you lost yidvids1..
    Anyway.. great video again, but no Thuddlestone I guess? 🙁

  4. i guess miacon doesnt have a youtube accont ( im refering to the dislike bar )

  5. I love Spurs I need to get my directv in order so I can get all the games in. If not I’m going to be very upset.

  6. oh snap, just make sure u add the extra crunching tackles 😀 he is a BEAST

  7. Im probably gonna wait til next season for Sandro, There aint many clips of him available to make a decent vid as he has only been in the team a dozen or so games.

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