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  1. la liga is to preditable always barcelona and real madrid in the top 2 theyre the best teams in the world yes i never denied that i said the other teams lack the talent to chage that, in the premier leage the top 6 is changing all the time for the past 4 yaers which is entertaining and unexpected the same with the seria A, i have my own life i make bale videos once a week.

  2. i have seen so many of his interviews hes not arrogant he aims high and wants to be the best if he was arrogant he would said im the best he NEVER said that how is LigaBBVA any better then Seria A?
    Real Madrid and Barcelona are the only teams you consider winning anything all the other teams are shit Real Madrid and Barcelona wan all of there games like 5-0 6-0 even 8-0 that just shows the lack of tallent among the other teams.

  3. ronaldo isnt arrogant hes a fantastic player, if bale leaves i hope its not barcelona they want him as a left back which would ruin his style of play, i would rather see him in italy.

  4. Gareth Bale is a tough player who plays with integrity, he DOES NOT belong with that organization you mentioned. A fast exciting player like this… Bundesliga much? Hypothetically of course. Rumorville aside I hope he stays with Tottenham

  5. Go fuck yourself. Liga is such a shitty uncompetitive league, plus Spain’s government may abolish the tax exemption that allows players to pay almost no taxes. In england and germany the tax rate is 50% for top earners like football stars but at least the league and the country function well, unlike Spain which is in a perpetual eurozone credit crisis similar to Italy.

    Barca and Real won’t be able to afford him with the UEFA new financial fair play rules and Barca’s finances are in tatters.

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