The Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has said that he feels that the star midfielder Gareth Bale is not at his best when used in the left back position. Tottenham manager AVB recently decided to use the 24-year-old former Southampton winger in the left back position, and told Tottenham Football News that he was impressed with the results. It was the position he started his career, but was eventually moved to the midfield role by the former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp. He has become one of the best wingers in the world after being moved to the midfield position.

For the recent match against QPR, the manager Andre Villas-Boas decided to use him in the left back position with a view of increasing the attacking threat within the team.

However, it was quite visible after the first half that it was a tactic that did not work. Andre Villas-Boas immediately changed the tactics by moving the player back into the midfield position in the second half. QPR had taken the lead in the first half, which would have condemned Tottenham to yet another defeat in the Premier league. However, switching the tactics brought out the desired effect within the team and Tottenham managed a comfortable 2-1 win over QPR. Speaking after the match, the manager said that it was not the right decision to use the player in the defensive positions.

“We decided to play with Gareth at left-back because we thought he would give us more width. But we were much more steady in the second half when we made changes,” said the Tottenham manager after the match. Tottenham have made a poor start to the new season after not winning any of the first three matches. However, they have recently had success in the form of back-to-back wins over Reading and QPR. They have pushed them to the top half of the table.

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