25 Replies to “Tottenham 3-1 Bolton – Bale goal & Official FA Cup Sixth Round highlights | FATV”

  1. He’s actually been playing this well for the past few months. He’s a fantastic goalkeeper and he’s got a lot of potential.

  2. love the ease with which Assou-Ekotto gets past the bolton defender at 1:26

  3. Bogdan was good here, but it’s not like he’s always like this. Im sure Gomez of tottenham had games like this, even though he was rubbish

  4. people need to remember that boltons defence in this game was far from the first team,the 1st team defence is actually vastly improving with the signing of tim ream and players returning from injury,however take nothing away from spurs they were worthy winners. and yes Bogdan is BEAST

  5. Bodgan is a great goalkeeper, n bolton defender is suck. But, if he move to big club, he’ll just be a bench warmer.

  6. i hate man u but why didnt they just buy bogdan? i mean they could have had him for 2 million or 5 m

  7. Bolton can’t just rely on the keeper.bolton need to improve in their defence.

  8. bale’s shot in the first half that curled away must have killed someone…fucking bang

  9. Ron Weasley’s older brother, he plays as a goalkeeper for Bolton Wanderers and is number 1.

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