22 Replies to “Skills And Goals Gareth Bale// New Season 2012// Totenham By TT Prod’”

  1. Ahaha. I agree with Suarez, but Bale isn’t a diver, fool. You’re jealous of spurs and how they got him. Suck a dick and then look to see if Bale dives. If you still think he’s a diver, then send me a video or a link to show him diving. More than once, get about 5. Until you do that, your point is useless and unimportant. Cunt.

  2. i have sympathy for spurs fc and liverpool fc but Suarez and Bale are just diving cunts and a disgrace to football

  3. But bale isn’t good defensive, why do you think Alves can make the runs each game? because abidal keeps the balance at the other side, bale is to attacking, and hes hasn’t got the quality’s to play in barca, and yes we are in a bad form right now, but thats because of all the injury’s. Busquets injury is the most important one. he needs to get back as soon as possible. but sorry i just dont like bale in barca, hes to blind, and does everything on pace instead using technique.

  4. I like Bale because he also knows how to play quick, touching only one time (dont know how to say this in english). He is very similiar to Dani Alves but on the other side of the field. Imaging Dani running on the right and Bale on the left. Last 5 games Barsa is not playing like we are used to see them. In my opinion we need a player to keep the competence. 🙂

  5. Barca players need to have Vision/Footballbrain/technical/ballcontrol and fast thinking, bale has that? NO! so why you want him in? unless you dont know anything about the barca system!

  6. If you’re a barca fan, you SHOULD know BALE wont fit in! he isn’t technical, cant play in tight spaces, and his vision is poor! if you’re a barca fan all you’re life, why you want players in that wont fit in? and im a fan since 1992! i was 7 years old and i saw the FINAL to in wembley but on my tv. i became a garca fan because of my idol and rolemodel Johan Cruijff. thats why i supported barca. and you are a real barca fan? SERIOUSLY why you want average players in? makes no sense !

  7. hehe 🙂 listen when i was 5 years old i was crying with my father and granpa on the sofa becouse of the goal of Koeman in the final of the Champions against Sampdoria. I born in Barcelona, i live in Barcelona and i will die in Barcelona. I have a season ticket.. I think i can say my opinion at least, dont u think so? And you? Since when you like this club? Since Iniesta scored en Stamford Bridge? You are the tipical gruppie of now days. VISCA el barça y VISCA CATALUña !

  8. No hes no welcome! stop being such a fake barca fan! do you even know something about the club? we dont need workhorses like bale in barca! we need lightfooted players with VISION! plenty of them in the la masia!

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