24 Replies to “Jack Wilshere vs Wales [HD] By Markg541 10/11”

  1. My england lineup for Euros: Hart, Cole, Cahill, Terry, M Richards, Parker/Lampard, Wilshere, Gerrard, Walcott/Chamberlain, Rooney, Young 4.3.3 But 1 problem will the defence be strong? Chelsea defence this season been a little rocky at times.

  2. Are you seriously saying you are more talented than Wilshere? LOL! You need a reality check asap!

  3. he is ok for england but that is because ITALIAN sides play at mertesaker speed
    come on you gunners

  4. I am.. look at my vids and look at those huge touches. Get your fat ass off the couch and start practicing.

  5. you think you are more talented than wilshere at controlling the ball, so yeah, obviously you are deluded.

  6. deluded? lmfao you obviously am not good at football.. u haven’t seen real ball control if you think Wilsheres is near perfect rofl

  7. I have better ball control than him.. it’s not even close to perfect look at Messi the ball doesn’t even leave his feet

  8. The term is indigenous. Most of the whites in England have had their decensants in England since day one.

  9. josh mcearhren(i cant spell it soz), tom cleverly, jack rodwell and jack wilshere arefuture England midfielders, get rid of lampard, gerrard , barry etc they all suck and overated

  10. so your a racist? im sure most of the whites in england came from somewhere else. They arent truly english….but they are….

  11. No, because he dosen’t have English blood. He is only English by birth. Not good enough for me.

  12. His parents are Ghanaian, not Nigerian. And he was born and raised in Manchester, does this not make him English?

  13. If Capello plays this guy, Adam Johnson, Young and Sturridge and Defoe against Spain we could take it to them. Hoping ferdinand doesnt play, hes a great defender but too slow for a team like Spain.

  14. ok i get you have your opinions, but seriously? do you have to be racist? calm down man not everything is going to go your way

  15. Exactly mate. I think Fabio has forgotten Dan’s goals for Bolton last season, or his 2 goals last week and that was 6 focking days ago. Andrew Johnson could have been called up for fuck sake. He was brillaint. But no. He goes with a Nigerian twat named Welbeck and Kyle ‘Gypo’ Walker. :L And why he never plays AJ at right mid eludes me..

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