25 Replies to “Gareth Bale Tottenham v Arsenal Gareth Bale Pace 20/11/2010”

  1. This footage is great, im a spurs fan and id finger Gareth Bale if he wanted. However the guy who put this video together is a fucking retard

  2. ….looser! who do you support? I am guessing from your username its Aston Villa? if so…. LOOSER!

  3. Holy fuck Bale is quick.. I heard Bale is quicker than Walcott – I think that might be true.. BTW PES 5 is best simulation ever with the correct stats of course..

  4. Haha, you didn’t get the point of this video? You serious???? my my… are you toned deaf?

  5. great video HAHA.. you are right.. bale is quicker than any arsenal player

  6. he just trying to show us how fast Bale really is. His speed should be 90 in PES and FIFA, not 80s

  7. i can take the flak but all your comments have been pointless with no substance behind them, which is why i choose to ignore them and ignore you now. peace!

  8. Yeah i chose to watch it and it was shit, don’t put up videos if you cant take the flak, bellend

  9. I do, so i just dont know why your one of the people in the world that are so negative. No one asked you to watch this video, you chose to watch it. so live with it!

  10. Your comment is more useless. Have you never seen or witnessed funny moments in football? well this was one of them and i wanted to capture it on video for the world to see….

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