25 Replies to “Gareth Bale – The Special One [HD]”

  1. If barca dont want bale why has guardiola been talking to Daniel levy ? Also he didn’t do we

  2. He won’t if he leaves spurs who I support I will be gutted but it would be man city man u or chelsea

  3. bale said if he gets an offer from barca or madrid he cant deny it…. welcome to madrid!

  4. overrated doesn’t step up in the big games (fuck inter) they shit like maicon.
    bale done nothing v ramos and he shit

  5. he know when to shoot, when to run, when to pass, and when to cross. he got pace, dribble, physical, and stamina. simply magnificent player

  6. 1 point lad, don’t stumble now, but knowing Bale he’ll probably stumble, fall, roll around abit, have a broken leg, then get back up and make the quickest recovery you’ve ever known.

  7. I dont give two fucks if redknapp leaves he is bringing us down anyways so stop screaming about 1 win and see what happens next season eh?

  8. the video is fantastic. not only for the subject. editing is amazing: | spectacular. congratulations..

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