8 Replies to “Gareth Bale – Super Star [HQ]”

  1. Such a great video, as much as he frustrates me from shooting way far out when he has options i have realised we have an absolute gifted world class player on our team sheet. Great video and COYS

  2. Good video as always, but it would have been nice if you had added the Bale goal against Wigan from this season, with the supberb cross from Luka. Maybe you will reedit it and upload it again 😉

  3. I doubt Mr.Bale is reading your comment mate but I totally agree, but against bolton he was stuck back out of the left and there was glimpses of his usual form, great cross for our goal. But we all know what happened in that game…

  4. Gareth, stop thinking that you are the best and start playing as you really can. Your last perfomances was terrible, but we know that you can give us position above Arsenal. You aren’t alone on the pitch, employ it. Stop being f***ing star like Nani and start being Gareth Bale that we know!

  5. I wont lie to you, some of the clips were taking from that amazing vid. Thanks tho!

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