19 Replies to “Gareth Bale- Dirty Little Secret”

  1. @Rundiss Well he’s the one that found the clips, and then this guy found them off of him… SpursProduction FTW!

  2. 0:53 looking at his face,he was amazed about what a world-class goal he made!
    Bale FTW

  3. its one thing to use clips, but to use the same clips in exactly the same order and act like you compiled them by sticking your badge on is perty gay in the butt

  4. no, lol. Because I spend many hours making this vid. This noob has just downloaded my vid, and my clips because they are so good because I’m a master!

  5. SpursProduction

    Oh yeah, coz you were the cameraman who shot all these clips. Doh.

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