25 Replies to “Gareth Bale – Catch Me If You Can”

  1. Walcott is overated, just speed no skills.
    Bale has skills, can score, assist, defend, everything!

  2. walcott might be able to catch up to him, but he wont be able to hold onto him cause bales a fuckin tank

  3. he will probably catch him, take him with intent until the last third but then get confused with what to do next

  4. yea sure, whatever 🙂
    but I’d atleast wait till he has scored his first goal!

  5. yh I no dw 😛 but not just when at spurs maybe this bale compilation was over half a season so you never no 😉

  6. hes played less than one third of an EPL season, wait till next may ^^
    i know i shouldn’t “interfere” but yeah, just sayin.

  7. please can you make a compilation of scott parker for spurs *Scott Parker – ‘Ard as Nails’*

  8. top 6 =( i want top 4 . with arsenal’s fabregas and nasri gone we might take there 4th place spot

  9. I’m sure Spurs are quality enough to get to the top 6 this season. Cheer up! =)

  10. The boy is talented that’s why I would have liked him at the Theatre of Dreams 🙂 But I hope Spurs keep him, the team suits him nicely and he seems to please everyone.

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