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  1. he ain’t overrated, if anything he is underrated, if you see the tottenham games he is beast, he is in my top 5 list of the best players in the world. fantastic and complete plus he is still very young

  2. Good video. I’d love it if you made another one of him with a little less effects and longer, hahah. Keep making videos, you have a suscriber in me for a while 😛

  3. Bale is by far better than any winger in the EPL, I don’t see how people can say he’s only better than most, I can’t think of a winger anywhere near him in the EPL.

  4. He is obviously a brilliant player. Would probably secure a spot in pretty much every team around. But there was a bit of hype around him last season and he was a bit overrated. What I don’t understand is that last season Walcott scored more goals and got more assists than him last season, and in the space of less games too… Walcott get’s ridiculed as a waste of space who is only half decent because of his pace, and Bale gets the PFA Player of the Year award?? Wtf…

  5. I am an Arsenal fan and I do think he is over-rated to some extent but he is certainly a very good player… can become better ofc considering he is still young.. can be one of the world’s best in the future… Great video highlighting his skills..

  6. @ElAlonso14 Great videos! Great editing! Do you use Sony vegas or Final Cut pro? Thanks.

  7. It sounds like some kind of remix from Rocky 4 (the training music in Russia).

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