25 Replies to “Gareth Bale // 2011 // Unstoppable // HD //”

  1. doesen’t make sense.. the video is called unstoppable but half of the video contains footage of him being tackled… think it’s the wrong footage to put in a video with that title..

  2. well lennons not only fast, hes got good skill as well and hes reliable, im not making a big deal of this btw

  3. yeah i agree, we start the likes of crouch and pavlyuchenko but redknapp seems to forget dos santos who is amazing

  4. well i would agree with u partially, everyone needs a top atribute to get them noticed aarons happens to b speed, its the same with walcott and young

  5. if spurs had a good defence they would be best in the league, who has a better forward line than ,bale modric sandro van der vaart, IF SPURS GET A TOP STIKER , NEGREDO OR GIUSEPPE ROSSI OR LLORENTE we should get back in top 4 again easy

  6. thump up if you think gareth bale is the best left-back in the world and dani alves is the best right-back in the world

  7. I know this was uploaded in December but man, Seriously ? Its practically a video of one of the best left sided players in the world gettin tackled ? You couldve put in a lot more clips. Good feel to the video though. Like how it just portrays him as the player you dont want to come across.

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