25 Replies to “Away Day – Spurs at Everton”

  1. I am a watford fan and saw your last vid on us. pissed my self and subscribed ~(y)

  2. I’m a Blue and surprisingly I enjoyed that . Very poignant ending as well … Excellent

  3. As always, you’re a Class act like no other. Appreciate the bit you did for Muamba. Love all your videos. Keep on going mate! – Spurs fan from Singapore

  4. I may be an Everton fan but that video made me laugh :’) and the end was class, nice video!


    Are you going to pretend the Arsenal 5pur2 game never happend???? Wheres the vid??

  6. @DanTripNip where abouts on the shelf were you sitting, i was near that lady who was crying.

  7. Great vid again, love it.
    Remeber the old brown wooden seats at the LANE.
    Remember the old SHELF. Remember my first game SPURS V BOLTON 78, over 50,000 fans… Remember walking up the steps and the view of inside the stadium appearing, the noise… the song WE ARE TOTTENHAM FROM THE LANE coming from ALL round the ground (not just from one end) amazing vision fantastic noise… Still puts the hairs on the back of my neck up….
    I WAS HOOKED… My 2nd home… my extended family… W.H.L.

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