25 Replies to “Arry’s Midfield – To Dare is to Dodge”

  1. Ребята песня называется
    Embrace — Celebrate
    палец верх что бы видели все!!!!!!!1

  2. I like the vid, but not putting Sandro in is criminal.

    What a player he is.

  3. This is one of the best hotspur videos i have ever seen. very good job, man. COYS FOR LIFE!

  4. Heres a website ive just found where international postage is only £7:

    sportsdirect (Dot) com they sell spurs shirts without the sponsers is mighty B-E-A-utiful aswell

  5. bale modric parker lennon vdv sandro kranjcar livermore huddlestone = good game

  6. Thank you for a great video!! One of the best I’ve seen of Tottenham 🙂  COYS!

  7. F*ck this,Niko Kranjcar for only few seconds… He’s ruined by this jellyfish.

    But great video,good job man!

  8. Message me later on during the week and ill let you know about a HD stream for the FA cup game! What a game today. COYS

  9. I have fox soccer here so I get every game. FA Cup games I may have to get a stream. I appreciate it and will go in and complain about the lack of spurs kits. 4-0 at half Harry is putting out quite the resume for the England Position.

  10. hmmm its a tricky one. Have you looked on the UK ebay site? Your gonna have to bombard your sports shops to get some in pal, spread the spurs love! Have you got a stream for todays game? ill happily set you up with a HD one if not. COYS

  11. Looked there! Slim Pickings. Official club store is Standard so like a month or more to deliver is 22 Dollar. Price is not bad there but may not get the gear until the end of the season. Anyways may just have to take what I can get in this case. Until Spurs are more popular here it will be hard walk in to a soccer shop and snag some Spurs stuff.

  12. You could try ebay or places like that? How much does the official club website charge?

  13. Want to grab some stuff for my 1 year old little girl and 5 year old little boy. I can get Adult stuff here in the states but have to ship stuff for kids from England and most places charge outrageous shipping prices

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